Recently, I was watching TV, when an interesting poll caught my attention. The reporter asked people what they think is the best feeling in the world. I have to say that listening to all the answers people were giving to him was really amusing. 

  • When I manage to write something in English or Czech, exactly the way I was putting the words together in my head.
  • Strong water pressure in the shower.
  • Finally reaching the part of my back that is super itchy and scratching it.
  • A seat on the train or bus on a very cold day when the seat is already preheated by someone sitting there before me.
  • When I lie down on the sofa and I almost fall asleep, but I am a little cold and I am super lazy to get up and get a blanket. And then, suddenly, half asleep, I can feel somebody covering me with a blanket.
  • The moment I buy a great gift for the person I love and I am almost shaking, how I can’t wait to give it to him or her.
  • Take off my heels and bra, after a very long day.
  • Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and finding out there are still two or more hours I can sleep.
  • Going under the water in the swimming pool and letting the water comb my hair naturally.
  • When I decide to cook something according a recipe and I have all the ingredients on hand.
  • When a cooked meal is edible, tastes great and good looking all at once.
  • Friday afternoon. The weekend hasn’t started yet, but it looks like it has.
  • Making both of my eyelines look same on the first attempt, while doing my makeup.
  • When a dog touches my skin, with his wet little nose and I get a goose pumps.
  • Hearing the expression "you have no cavities" at the dentist’s office or „everything looks fine, Mrs. LeBlanc“ at any doctor’s office.
  • And of course, I have to say it again … yes, the first night in a bed with fresh sheets.
Especially the part when people tried to think about the way how to politely phrase things like, „finally going to the bathroom, after a long time I couldn’t“ and so on. However, there were many more interesting responses: dipping your hand into a bowl of poppy seeds, freshly shaved legs, the moment you see the mail man coming with a package in his hands, the first sip of a cold Coca Cola (or beer) on a very hot day and also the "sass" sound the Coke or the can of beer makes opening it, flipping your pillow to the cool side, getting up without the alarm clock, the first night in a bed with fresh sheets and many more.

What I like the most about the TV poll though, was the expression on people’s faces and how sincerely they laughed while talking about these feelings. It came to my mind several times during the day and it inspired me to write my best feelings in the world. Frankly, there are definitely more than fifteen, but listed bellow came to my mind the first time.
So here you go.